Good routine servicing and preventative maintenance are crucial to reliability, longevity and proper performance of your studio equipment and will pay dividends in the long run.

Very often, warning signs of impending doom or imminent failure can be easily detected if you know where to look and what to look for. Appropriate action can then be taken before problems actually occur.

Preventative maintenance practices will avoid degradation and failures and together with calibration, ensure continuing good performance and fidelity.

Professional audio gear is expensive as is studio down time so it makes sense to take good care of your equipment thereby preserving its value as well as its performance and reliability.

  • Power supplies: Failures can and do cause extensive and costly damage to consoles and equipment. You don’t want to know! Have yours checked and serviced before you find out.
  • Faders: Periodic cleaning and lubrication will keep them silky smooth and noise free.
  • Switches: Periodic cleaning and contact treatment greatly improves longevity and reliability, not to mention reducing your stress during sessions.
  • Connectors: Dirty connector contacts can cause a variety of problems ranging from minor nuisance, poor audio performance and level level discrepancies to total system failure. Periodic cleaning will go a long way towards preventing this.
  • Re-calibration: Over time and as modules get swapped around, high distortion in VCA circuits, inconsistent EQ and dynamics response and so forth will occur.
  • Capacitor replacement: Electrolytic capacitors (the bane of nearly all analog audio gear) dry out with heat and time causing LF roll-off, level discrepancies, uneven panning and even oscillating power supply circuits.
  • Disc Drives: Periodic cleaning and inspection.

Maintenance Training
Many routine maintenance procedures can carried out by studio staff. Virtual Earth Pro Audio is happy to provide instruction and training allowing more cost effective use of your maintenance budget.

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