In addition to all the usual test equipment, tools and instrumentation, Virtual Earth Pro Audio is equipped with specialized test jigs to handle the full test, diagnosis, repair and calibration of anything from a complete mixing console system to a fader, daughter card or tube compressor.
Component level trouble shooting and repair is a speciality and surface mount technology (SMT) re-work is no problem.
Phil has gained a reputation for fixing the stuff others have deemed beyond repair.
  • Ultimation™ Moving Faders
  • Touch Sensors
  • VCA and Audio Faders
  • Plasma Bargraphs
  • Channel Modules
  • Daughter Cards
  • Power Supplies
  • Inboard TVs
  • Switch Replacement
  • Ultrasonic (cavitation) Switch Cleaning
  • Re-capping
  • and more.............

We offer a refurbished exchange service on many items. Call or email for details.

We can also offer a loan service on many items if required to get you up and running
FAST whilst your repairs are carried out.

Taking advantage of nation-wide overnight shipping means that we can generally get your faulty items repaired and back to you within a week.

Member of the Audio Engineering Society.